Balaji Youth Summer Camp 2019 Application Form (18+ years)

Dear Reader,
Thank you for your interest in the Balaji Youth Summer Camp 2019. Whether you have been a long-term returning camper, or a potential new member, we have always enjoyed being able to welcome young adults of the upper age group (18+) into our community. Just like the other age tiers, you too will be fully immersed into camp lectures and activities, and will find yourself learning more and more about the practice of Hinduism as the week develops.

However, being an older camper comes with a degree of responsibility. Especially for the veteran campers amongst you, many of the younger children will now look up to you as role models. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that you carry yourself with a sense of integrity, setting a good example for the younger children to emulate with regards to good behaviour and discipline. Moreover, your enthusiasm during activities will be key in encouraging the involvement of the younger campers, ensuring that they get an enjoyable and holistic experience of what camp has to offer.

Furthermore, as trusted members, you will gain several opportunities to take on extra duties throughout camp. Although you will not be expected to take on work for extended periods of the day like the volunteering staff, there will be occasions when the leads require your assistance whether it be helping set up for meals and spending some time cleaning, or even being a facilitator in debates and workshops. Overall, there is an aim to give you, the 18+ group, a more privileged and integrated role in this year’s camp. We will strive to further your knowledge about Hinduism, whilst also providing you the chance to gain an appreciation for all the hard work that takes place ‘behind the scenes’ of camp as a valued member of our team.

We very much look forward to sharing this experience with you,

BYC 2019 Leadership Team

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