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Welcome to the Program for Civic Engagement (PCE).

PCE is a vital part of ACCESS (Advising, Civic, and Community Engagement in the Social Sciences) under the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa's (UHM's) College of Social Sciences (CSS). We develop and administer service-learning and other civic-engagement activities, projects, and programs for the college primarily – but we also run a number of large programs for the wider community, UHM in general, and other institutions of higher education.

Everyone participating with us MUST COMPLETE THIS ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM and turn in a signed original of our LIABILITY WAIVER/RELEASE FORM (http://servicelearning.socialsciences.hawaii.edu/pdf/PCE_waiver_rev_0116.pdf) before starting service activities.

We welcome family members, guests, and others not formally enrolled as service-learning students at several of our activities and programs. But you must also complete this online registration and the waiver form.

If you are under 18, or if you are bringing children under 18, please note that each minor also needs to be registered here and a parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver/release form for him or her.

If you are not a student, or not participating in service learning for credit, please write "NA" (for "not applicable") to any questions that are not relevant to you.

If you are from an institution of education other than UHM, you may have additional registration and waiver requirements to comply with for that institution. Be sure to check with your instructor and your institution's service-learning office.

Once you have selected a service-learning site, complete and turn in a signed site agreement/service connections form. You will probably also be asked to complete additional paperwork at your service-learning site.

Be sure to document the number of hours invested in the project with a time sheet/participation record signed by your site supervisor. See further instructions on our website: http://servicelearning.socialsciences.hawaii.edu/forms.html

Email address
First name
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Last name
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Student ID # (if applicable)
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Institutional email address, if different from above
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Phone number(s)
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Birth year
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Current home institution of higher education
Major(s) for undergraduate students (or: discipline(s) and degree(s) in process/acquired for other students and faculty) - if known. If not, please write "not declared" or NA *
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For which semester or session are you registering?
List the course(s) for which you plan to do service learning:
Include course alpha and number with a space between: e.g. ES 333
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Service hours required
List the number of service hours required by your instructor/assignment for each of the courses in the same order as listed above.
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Instructor(s) for whom you are doing service learning
List the instructor(s) for whom you are doing the service learning. If you have more than one class, please list the names in the same order as the classes listed above.
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Note: Doing service learning for multiple courses
If you are doing service learning for more than one class, you MUST disclose it to our office.
There is often an opportunity to do service for more than one class at the same site. The total number of hours required will in those cases be worked out with the involved instructors at the initiative of the PCE Director.
Are you a returning service-learning participant?
If yes, please give us additional information
Please list the projects/programs you were part of along with information about the courses. For instance: SHINE ES 330, Ching, Fall 2012, UHM (include course alpha/number, instructor, semester, and institution)
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High school attended
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Country of origin
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Raised in Hawaiʻi?
If 'yes', please specify which island and location
e.g.: Hilo, Hawaiʻi
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Ethnicity - please check all that apply
If you select "Alaska Native," "Native American," or "Other Pacific Islander," please enter specific name(s) of your people(s) under "Other" - where additional ethnicities also can be added.
Learning outcomes
Briefly describe your expected educational outcomes for participation in service learning. If you are doing service learning for multiple courses, please specify which outcomes pertain to particular courses.
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Relevant experiences and qualifications
Briefly describe relevant experiences, skills, and qualifications that you bring to your service project.
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Pathway, program, project, and/or site, you are considering
Select all that apply/that you are considering - and fill in additional sites or other specifics under "Other" as needed.
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