You are kindly requested to complete this questionnaire that seeks to determine the impact of government red tape on your business and the easiness of doing business within the province.
Please note that Government refers the national, provincial and local sphere
• To determine the type and the source of red tape that business are faced with.
• To understand the regulatory burden faced by the business in the province.
• To advance business recommendations and views on how to improve the ease of doing business in the province.
• To provide relevant information to assist with policy development in relation to red tape reduction in Mpumalanga.

Deadline for return of the questionnaire:

31 January 2019

Contact Person:
Mphathele Nkhumiseni
013 766 4245
Depatment of Economic Development and Tourism
Research and Development

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1. District *
2. Local municipality *
3. City/Town *
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4. How long has the business been operating in this area? *
5. What is your position in the organisation? *
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6. Is your business funded by government? *
7. Are you doing business with government? *
8. Industry by sector *
9. Explain in detail the nature of your business. *
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10. How many permanent employees do you have? *
11. Who is your primary market? *
12. Your business is predominantly; *
13. On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being no impact and 10 being major impact); how would you rate the impact of complying with government regulatory requirements on your business? *
No impact
Major impact
14. How much time do you spend per week on complying with government regulatory requirements? (Filling the forms, permits etc.) *
15. How many registrations/licences or permits do you need to apply for annually for your business? *
16. Has complying with government regulatory requirements prevented your business to grow in the past year? *
17. Is it easy to access information on the on-going registration? *
18. How would you rate the government on its consultation and engagement with businesses on legislations and regulations? *
19. Who performs compliance of Government regulatory duties in your company? *
20. On scale of 1 to 3 (1 being less costly and 3 being most costly) how will you rate the cost of the following stages in the overall compliance process; *
Less costly
Most costly
Finding information
Completing paperwork and reporting requirements
Hiring and taining staff in compliance processes and activities
Assurance servives eg. Auditing
Dealing with the follow-up liaising with relevant government departments or/and municipalities
Understand the obligations and requirements
Complying with applicable law(s) and regulations
Monitoring of the compliance processes within your organisation
21. When complying with Government regulations how would you rate the financial cost of the following; *
Not Applicable
Dealing with licenses, permits and renewal
Registering a business/property
Building approvals and amendments
Environmental requirements
Vehicle, roads and transport requirements
Getting financial support/approval
Paying taxes /levies/fees
Enforcing contracts
Tendering to supply goods and services
Closing a business
22. In the past year the overall cost of complying with government regulations has; *
23. In the past year the overall time it takes to comply with government regulations has; *
24. Where do you experience the worst form of red tape in the following spheres of government? *
25. How would you rate the impact of the following government regulatory compliance agencies on your business?(High=worst impact, moderate impact and Low= low or no impact) *
High ( worst impact)
Low ( Low or no impact)
Not Applicable
National Departments
South African Revenue Services
Office of the Premier
Department of Economic Development and Tourism
Provincial Treasury
Public Works, Roads and Transport
Community Safety, Security and Liaison
Human Settlements
Social Development
Culture,Sport and Recreation
Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency
Mpumalanga Tourism Parks Agency
Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (Merger of MGB and MRA)
District municipality
Local municipality
26. If there is any other institution not mentioned in question 25, please specify and rate it below
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27. Please name the specific Government department(s)/agency(ies) regulatory and compliance requirements that has more red tape. e.g EIA *
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28. From the answer you provided, please specify the nature of the red tape. eg. Getting building approval. *
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29. What are the key problems you have as a business with government in terms of regulations compliance? Tick as many as applicable. *
30. If you have experienced any other key problems with Government that were not highlighted in question 29, please specify those.
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31. Is your business required to report on the following issues? *
Not Applicable
Land survey
32. If your business is required to report on any other issues not mentioned in question 31, please specify in the space provided
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33. To what extent do you agree/ disagree with the following statements about government regulations? *
Neither agree or disagree
The regulations are easy to understand
The regulations are effective in achieving the economic objectives of Mpumalanga
The regulations are flexible to be implemented efficiently
The regulations are consistent with one another
Despite the number of regulations it is still easy to comply
The regulations are appropriately and consistently enforced
34. In your opinion what can be done to reduce red tape and improve the ease of doing business in Mpumalanga? *
Your answer
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