100s Who Care About Napa Survey
We'd like to hear from you! Please respond to the below questions to help us determine the future of the 100s in Napa County! Please note: NPO refers to "non-profit organizations"
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Which group are you a part of? *
What do you consider to be most important about the 100s events? *
Learn about Napa NPOs
Make an Impact as a Group
Network/Meet New People
It's a Quick Agenda
Socializing with Peers
Support the NPO I Vote For
Hosted at Cool Venues
First Choice
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Third Choice
If COVID-19 continues and in-person meetings are not possible, would you be interested in attending virtual events in 2022? *
If the 100s could no longer continue, how would you feel? *
Very Sad - Please Keep Them!
Fine - I could donate to the NPO I prefer.
To bring the 100s back to its full glory, post-pandemic, NEWS needs a few volunteers. We won't be able to do it without your help! So, we'd like to ask for those who would like to be more involved to let us know! We're looking for a few "go getters" to volunteer 2-5 hours per month to start. Are you interested (serious interest only, please)? *
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