One Year of Ringing Room
On 29 March 2020, we rang and publicized the first quarter peal on Ringing Room. We're excited to be celebrating a full year of of ringing online!

While it's fun to see how far we've come since that day (user accounts! tons of settings and features! handbell simulators! tower augmentations!), we're keen to look towards the future of Ringing Room. We're also interested in learning more about ringers and ringing generally, and have designed this survey to tell us a little more about that, too, if you're willing to share.

All questions on this survey are optional, and we appreciate whatever information you're happy to tell us. We will never share individual responses, only aggregate ones where there is no risk of your personal information being linked. We will never share your email address, but we will ask at the end of the survey if it's OK to contact you about your survey responses.

What we'll use this for: We will look at the data ourselves, and we will share (anonymized, aggregate) data through The Ringing World, Facebook, and possibly other venues, so other ringers can see and use the information we've gathered as well. The Ringing-Room-specific questions will be used to guide us in development and decision-making as we move to in-person ringing. We hope the more general questions will inform us and others as we think about recruitment and retention, even beyond the coronavirus crisis.
Your Location
We have servers in several locations throughout the world and we're interested in knowing the distribution of our users relative to the location of our servers.
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Year of birth
If you're under the age of 13, consider having an adult help you with this survey.
How long have you been ringing?
If you took a break, don't count those years.
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How did you first learn about ringing?
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When you were first learning to ring, what was the primary way you rang?
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Have you ever taken a long (>1 year) break from ringing, other than during the coronavirus pandemic?
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If you took a break and you don't mind sharing with us, why did you take a break from ringing?
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