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Hey girl!

Times like these, we have to turn to each other for guidance, inspiration and strength. We'd like to know what drives you. We'd like to know what gets your blood running in the morning. We'd like to know what lessons you've learned. And we'd like to pass it on to other girls.

Thanks for taking time! =) -Drea (@mabuhaydiy) & Kate (@thegshift).

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Something to look back on: What do you wish you could say to a younger self? If you knew then what you know now, what would you have done differently? Tell us more about this younger self, if you'd like. *
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Something right now: What makes you glad to be alive right now? What gets you excited these days? What is it about these things that inspire you? Feel free to tell us more about the things that excite you. *
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Something to pass on: What piece of advice/words of wisdom have stuck with you all this time which you would like to pass on? Why are they memorable? Feel free to expound, if you like. *
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We're thinking about collating and publishing some of the answers on Please let us know where we can get a photo or if you'd like to remain anonymous. Thank you! =) *
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