Y2Y New Haven Application
We're so excited that you're interested in being part of the Y2Y New Haven to address issues of Youth Homelessness in New Haven! These questions will help us get a better sense of your interests, background, and what else you have going on.

Please fill out this application by 11:59 pm on Sunday, February 11th.

Questions? Email rebecca.schapiro@yale.edu

--There will be a mandatory orientation on February 15th from 8-9pm--

There will not be an interview - please ignore any pop ups that may indicate otherwise.

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Lead or co-lead workstreams
Devote 5-10 hours per week
Work as team to address challenges and create opportunities as a group
Execute team projects
Support volunteers - if you want to bring any on

Fundraising (1 person)
- Work with Board members to find funding for the shelter

Research (1 person)
- Ensure that we are up to date with all policies and reports regarding youth homeless in CT
- Ensure that we are up to date with all of the best practices regarding youth homelessness
- Keep the organization updated of any changes to policy/ research
- Ensure that the need for the shelter is well reported
- Make sure we are aware of all relevant services in the greater New Haven Area

Volunteer Coordinator (2 people)
- Organize and plan workshops to have at a drop in center for teens and potentially the shelter in the future
- Ensure that all volunteers get proper training
- Find cool opportunities for volunteer engagement related to youth housing, hunger, and homelessness
- Coordinate with volunteer sites

Program Model Development (3 people)
- Work with Board members to plan the day to day operations, service model and policies of the shelter
- Get into the nitty gritty and specifics!

Data Collection and Program Model Evaluation
- Work on evaluating the programs at Y2Y Harvard Square and see how they would fit into the New Haven landscape
- Work on collecting data to evaluate best practices and what areas would be most important for us to focus on

Space Design and Architecture
- Pretty much what it sounds like
- Work on designing the space of the shelter - would get to work with some really cool architects

Graphic Design (1 person)*
- Work on all design-related tasks (this includes designing the logo, putting together informational timelines and one-pagers, etc)
*This is not a workstream leader position. The time commitment is ~3-5 hours a week. If you are interested in graphic design, please send an email to valerie.yang@yale.edu. You DO NOT need to fill out this form.

Which position are you interested in? (Please mark at least 2) *
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These positions will be a significant time commitment (10 hours a week for 1 academic year). What are your extracurricular activities for this semester, and what are your roles in each? Please be specific. *
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Are you interested in being in this role for more than just 1 academic year? *
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Would you be interested in working on this project over the summer (paid internship)?
Will you be able to make the mandatory orientation meeting on February 15th from 8-9pm. *
There will not be an interview - please ignore any pop ups that may indicate otherwise.
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