SLT Speaker Request
This form is for any Non-Member of SLT who wishes to speak at a School Leadership Team meeting. Any attendee who is not a member of the SLT is only permitted to observe. Non-members may only speak if they adhere to the following procedure:

1. Sign up to speak by calling the school at least 24 hours in advance; or (at least 24 hours in advance) sign up online at
2. Present valid ID and sign in before the start of the meeting.
3. Observe a 2 minute time limit.
4. Speak on issues relevant to the school community.
5. Speak only during the time reserved at the end of the meeting for non-members.

NOTE: Any attendee who causes a disruption and does not comply with requests to refrain may be escorted from the meeting by school security.
Date of SLT Meeting at which you would like to speak *
First Name *
Last Name *
Role *
Topic on which you'd like to speak (Optional)
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