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Please fill in the form below to complete preregistration for the Antwerp Medical Students' Congress (AMSC) 2022. Preregistration is only required to be an active (= presenting) participant. You can find more information regarding active participation (including travel grants) at

You can preregister as an active participant until Sunday 26 June 2022. Don’t postpone it for too long however. The sooner you submit your abstract, the sooner we can get back to you with the decision of our jury.
Moreover, as we only have a limited amount of spots in our workshops, the earlier you preregister and purchase your tickets for AMSC 2022, the higher the chances that you will receive invitations to the workshops of your preference. AMSC ambassadors also have a higher chance of getting their preferred choices, regardless of their time of registration. You will be able to pass along your preferences in the weeks leading up to AMSC 2022 through a form that we will send you via email.

If you wish to be a passive (= non-presenting) participant, you can register directly at

The academic programme of AMSC will take place from 13 to 16 September 2022, in person (physically), in Antwerp, Belgium. More details regarding the social programme and possible hybrid elements will be revealed when full registration opens. For more information, visit

Check out for frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question there, let us know at
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