News Recommender Experimental Research Infrastructure Survey
This is a quick survey to collect research questions from people who would use a proposed experimental news research infrastructure. The proposed infrastructure would include at least:

* a collection of users reading news through an instrumented app or web interface
* a mechanism for conducting experiments that vary the news recommender
* a mechanism for conducting experiments that vary the news interface
* support for both shorter- and longer-term field experiments
* support for pop-up experiments (including survey components)
* ways of monitoring longer-term usage of users in experimental groups

The intent is to support a wide range of research, including recommender systems, natural language processing, information retrieval, machine learning, human-computer interaction, and research at the intersection of computing with journalism, social science, and other fields.

Please fill in one research project per survey; we invite you to submit multiple surveys if that would make it easier to separate different ideas.
Research Specifics Intro
The following questions request detail on your research interests and plans
Research Question(s) *
What field(s) of research does this question involve? *
High Level Study/Experiment Overview *
Citations (paste a DOI, link, or citation) of 3-5 most relevant articles including: your published work in the area, prior research that leads to the research questions, and or other useful references if writing a short synopsis of this potential use.
Number of users desired? *
How long would you intervene with these users? *
How long would you want to follow their activity to track/measure impact? *
What would be manipulated here (select all that apply?) *
Are there specific features in such an infrastructure that would be critical to your research effort? If so, please specify:
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