WISE Blog to Attend a Conference Fund
The WISE Blog to Attend a Conference Fund aims to help students cover costs incurred attending conferences while sharing their experiences with other students. In exchange for a blog post, the fund can reimburse up to $150 of expenses incurred.

Here are some of the stipulations to be eligible:

* You must be a current student studying science, engineering or math at Carleton University.
* You must submit your application a minimum of one week prior to your departure by filling out this form.
* You must receive approval from WISE before your departure.
* Original receipts are required to be submitted upon your return.
* For any one conference a student is can claim up to $150 for reimbursement.
* Funding is available on a first come first serve basis.
* Only science or engineering related conferences are eligible.  
* Blog posts are subject to approval by WISE executive.
* Blog posts must be received a maximum of one month after conference attendance,
* A minimum of one blog post is required.
* Blog posts are subject to approval.
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* Blog posts are subject to review and approval before posting on the CU-WISE blog.
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