Bernoulli Society New Researcher Award 2020
The Bernoulli Society welcomes applications to the New Researcher Award 2020.

Each awardee shall deliver a talk at a special session during the World Congress in Probability and Statistics 2020 and will receive a funding up to 1000€ to offset travel and other expenses. Bernoulli News will publish their pictures and a paragraph about their work.

Eligible candidates are active researchers in Probability Theory who obtained the PhD degree on or after Jan 1st 2014 and who are regular members of the Bernoulli Society. Female candidates get 1 extra year for each child born since receiving the PhD.

=== New Deadline: April 10, 2019 ===

- Please prepare a 2-page* Research Statement and a 3-page CV before filling this form
- Please confirm your membership information ahead of time, before preparing the RS and CV
- To become a member:
* the research statement may contain one or two extra pages for the references
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