Morningside Baptist Church Activity Request
**Form should be filled out two weeks prior to event**
Please complete the following form for ANY church activity that uses church resources or that you want included on the church calendar. Please check the church calendar ( to help avoid conflicts. Any church activities that are away from the church should be considerate of other church activities. Do not schedule conflicts with church services or major church-wide activities. Submit this activity request form a minimum of two weeks before your activity. Please read the building and vehicle use policies for your reference. You will be notified only IF there are any problems concerning your request. If you need a church or vehicle key, see Facilities Manager Steve Wright to check out a key several days before the activity. If you change your activity, please turn in a new request. If you cancel the activity, please notify the church office.

Please read the Morningside Activity Policy (, updated frequently) before continuing.
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I have contacted Steve Wright, MBC Facilities Manager, at 864-616-9181 or PRIOR to turning in request (this includes rooms, equipment, and vehicles).
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