Time Clock Plus Comprehension Check
After watching the Time Clock Videos, click on the Fill Out Form Link and answer the following questions to check your comprehension.

Time Clock Introductory Training Video: https://recordings.join.me/aMWqwgqAW0m8vmsOzY5yrw

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Quiz Questions
Answer the following questions about Time Clock Plus.
T or F: I have an individual Badge Number that should not be shared with anyone. *
1 point
T or F: I also have a five digit PIN which is the last five digits of my SSN. *
1 point
T or F: I do not need to enter my requested leave into the system. *
1 point
T or F: A Manager or Principal is also responsible for approving or denying all leave requests in Time Clock Plus. *
1 point
T or F: If you have "mispunch" or clock in incorrectly, you can go back in the system and fix the error yourself. *
1 point
After entering my badge number and PIN, a message will appear, and what are the final two steps to ensure that I have clocked in correctly?
1 point
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