Student Contract 2020-2021
Policies and Procedures for enrollment at St. Joseph's School of Music
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Enrollment policies
Private lesson enrollment is for two 18 week semesters (unless otherwise noted) and a summer term that is flexible (summer term varies by studio, to be determined by individual teachers.)

Studio Policy: Each teacher determines their own studio policies. By checking the YES box below, I have read and agree to my teacher’s studio policy regarding cancellation policies, make-up policies, studio guidelines and expectations.

Location of lessons: It is the School’s intention that all lessons take place on-site where we provide pianos, administrative support, adequate parking, quiet lesson space, and liability insurance. If the teacher and parent/student agree to hold lesson(s) off-site, tuition is still paid to the School, and the parent/student will release the School and teacher of all liability.
****During the COVID-19 pandemic, all lessons and classes are online until further notice.

Registration and Tuition: An annual registration fee of $35 is paid at the time of registration. Additional family members pay $10.00 each annually. If a student begins lessons after a semester has started, tuition for that semester is pro-rated. Tuition is due at the first lesson of each semester. A $20 late fee is added to tuition paid after the second lesson of a semester. A fee of $20 will be charged to cover the costs of a returned check. Payment plans are available. Payment of the registration fee and enrollment in the plan qualifies as payment - see plan details under Payment Policies.
I understand and agree to the above enrollment policies. *
Tuition and due dates 2020-2021
Traditional private lessons (semester of 18 weeks):
30-min. lesson $567
45-min. lesson $846
60-min. lesson $1116

Suzuki strings program (semester of 18 weeks):
30-min. lesson $727
45-min. lesson $1006
60-min. lesson $1276

Adult Flex Pass (one year expiration from date of purchase):
5x $190
10x $360


Suzuki Early Childhood Education $185 plus materials fee
(semester one, total of 18 weeks: first 3 weeks complimentary workshop, followed by 15 weeks)

Music Discovery $120
(six week session)

Small Group Instrument Classes - 30min: $100 per student, 45min: $150 per student
(six week session)

Global Beats Drumming Workshop $150
(six week session)

Due dates for payment in full:
Semester I Week of September 8
Semester II Week of February 1
Summer Session Begins June 15

Payment plans are available - see details under Payment Policies.

Payment policies
1. Payments can be made at the beginning of each semester by check, cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), or installment plans are offered via ACH debit (more detail below in #6)

2. Credit card payments can be made over the phone, or we can keep a card on file, or we can enroll you for automatic payments by credit card. It is requested that credit card payments be made for payments in full. (Installment options are available via ACH). We are currently working on adding an online payment option, details will be announced.

3. Refunds are granted according to the Withdrawal and Refund policy below.

4. Receipts are emailed to you.

5. St. Joseph’s School of Music reserves the right to suspend instruction when students do not meet their financial obligations; students are still liable for the full cost of instruction.

6. Payment plans:
To help match lesson payments to your budget, St. Joseph’s offers a payment plan for lesson tuition of 4 payments per semester through automated bank account withdrawal (ACH debit). When you establish a payment plan, it continues until you notify the office to change your payment option or withdraw, per the Withdrawal Policy. If you register for lessons after a semester begins, you may still enroll in the payment plan. You will pay the registration fee and your pro-rated first payment at the time of registration, and the remaining payments will begin at the next scheduled payment date for the semester.

Lesson payment dates for 2020-2021:
Semester 1: September 18, October 16, November 20, December 18
Semester 2: February 19, March 19, April 16, May 21


I understand and agree to the above payment policies. *
Withdrawal, cancellation, make-up, and refund policies
Make-up policies
Make-up policies are determined by each teacher and a copy is given to the student at the first lesson. The teacher will notify students if for any reason, including bad weather, he/she will not be teaching. If the teacher misses a lesson, he/she will make it up.

Withdrawal, Refunds, and Teacher changes
Any student who plans to withdraw at the end of a semester must notify the office two weeks before the end of the semester or pay one-fourth of the next semester tuition.

If a student withdraws within a semester, a written request for a refund is required. Within the first four weeks, 100% of remaining lessons will be refunded. After the fourth week, the refund will be granted for 50% of remaining lessons. After the tenth week, no refund is available. The registration fee is nonrefundable.

With written request, a student may change teachers within the first four weeks of their study or at the end of a semester, or a teacher may ask that a student be assigned to another teacher.

I understand and agree to the above withdrawal and refund policies. *
Photography and videography policy

St. Joseph’s School of Music uses photography and video recordings to document activities and promote our educational opportunities. Participation in an activity serves as your consent to such photographs and recordings unless you indicate otherwise here.

I authorize St. Joseph’s School of Music to use images and/or audio of me/my child/children for its purposes of marketing in the form of brochures, display, and online (website, social media) and consent that the pictures may be copied or published for such purposes together with descriptions and editorial statements, but not names.
I consent to the above photography and videography policy. *
Care of our School
Food and beverages are not allowed in our studios or waiting areas, except water. Eating areas in the building are located at the basement level.

Virtual lessons
Teachers who have the equipment necessary for online lessons may choose to offer this option to students in their studio. Online lessons offer a method to provide lessons in bad weather, during an illness, as a make-up lesson or for any mutually agreed reason. Online lessons are given with the mutual agreement of the student and the teacher.
****All lessons are online during the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. We will return to in-person instruction as soon as it is safe to do so, in consultation with experts regarding viability, safety protocols, and timing.

Cellphone use
Parents are asked to limit talking on cellphones in common areas and in lessons. Wifi is provided, the password will be posted around the school.

St. Joseph's is a welcoming and caring community. We agree to treat all people with respect. Harassment or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

St. Joseph's School of Music is committed to accessibility and excellence in music education for all. We offer several scholarship programs. Please call Madeline at 651-690-4364 or email for more information.

Practice Rooms
Two practice rooms with pianos are available to St. Joseph's School of Music students from 10-3, M-F, and 8:30-4 on Saturday. Rental fee is $40 for unlimited use for the year, up to 1 hour per day, as availability allows. Call 651-690-4364 for reservations and payment. Parents must be present in the studio with students under age 18. St. Joseph's School of Music reserves the right to withdraw this opportunity if we find that pianos or studios have not been cared for properly. A driver's license or credit card can be exchanged for a key in the office.

Students often need piano accompaniment in order to fully perform a piece for an audience. St. Joseph's School of Music provides a roster of professional accompanists and subsidized fees for most school concerts. See accompaniment policies on the website for more information.
I understand and agree to the above misc policies and information. *
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