Bringing Church to Elsa & Reine in NH on Sunday May 26
On Sunday, May 26, 2019 we will be bringing our regular worship service up to Concord, New Hampshire to where Elsa and Reine Able live at Havenwood Heritage Heights. Since they have not been able to join us in worship since Elsa' cancer diagnosis back in August 2018, it is high time we joined them on a Sunday! This will be a 9am-1:30pm commitment. In order to plan properly for this unique and beautiful step as a congregation, we need to know some information from you. So thank you for taking a minute to fill out this RSVP survey. Please note that those who can’t join us in worship in NH that day, we will not have any worship at 67 Newbury Street, but encourage people to join our friends at Emmanuel Church at 15 Newbury Street that day at 10am. There will be a group of COTCers meeting at 9:30am at 67 Newbury in order to go over to 15 Newbury Street together. More details TBA.
WE WOULD LOVE to have as many Covenanters and friends as possible come - this will mean the world to Elsa & Reine.
PLEASE RSVP by May 10!

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If you will join us, would you prefer to join us on a chartered bus leaving from (at 9am) and returning to (by 1:30pm) 67 Newbury Street OR drive yourself?
Can you pay $20 to help offset the bus cost?
If you plan to drive yourself, can you take others who may live near you?
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