Erasmus Mobility Application 2 - Study
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Mark from SUBJECT 1
BAS, BAS komb, AJEIE, RS: Language Skills 1; AJFJEIE, AJNJEIE: Language Competences 1 - English
Mark from SUBJECT 2
BAS, BAS komb, AJEIE, AJFJEIE, AJNJEIE: Introduction to Linguistics; RS: Introduction to Gender Studies
Mark from SUBJECT 3
BAS, BAS komb, AJEIE, RS: Introduction to Literary Theory; AJFJEIE, AJNJEIE: Theory of Translatology and Terminology
Mark from SUBJECT 4
BAS, BAS komb: Introduction to British Studies; AJEIE: British Studies 1 – Institutions of the UK; RS: Introduction to British and American Studies; AJFJEIE, AJNJEIE: History and Institutions of the EU 1
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