November Education Speaker Series -Registration Form
The Council is excited to announce a new Education Speaker Series tailored directly to high school student audiences. This Series, scheduled for the last Wednesday of every month, will bring academics, policymakers and policy practitioners directly to your students through an immersive, virtual speaker platform. Students will have an opportunity to hear directly from these speakers and will have the opportunity to engage directly in a Q&A session with those speakers. Access to these speakers is complimentary with a High School Membership. All Speaker Series will be conducted virtually for the 2020-21 academic year.

International education programs, such as study abroad programs and student exchanges, expanded out of a growing need for cross-cultural understanding and a rapidly globalizing society. Increasingly accessible and appealing to students around the world, these programs attempted to bridge cultural gaps and expose students to new languages, foods, and cultural norms. However, these types of immersive international education opportunities have been significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

New travel limitations and restrictions, coupled with the onset of a worldwide economic crisis, have severely impeded students’ ability to participate in international education programs. In the near term, students can no longer travel to foreign nations, and immerse themselves in the rich histories, traditions and peoples of other countries. However, significant opportunities still exist for students to learn and explore cultures throughout the world. The questions surrounding the future of international education are plentiful, complex, and provide opportunities for creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. A panel of speakers will discuss the present challenges, and future opportunities of these important programs, and will address some of the most prominent questions in international education systems.

Jeffrey Scott Conradi, Associate Director at Temple University's Center for International Business Education, and Stephanie Vogel, Director of Programs at Citizen Diplomacy International, will be featured as this program's expert speakers.

NOTE: The virtual platform for this event will be Zoom

24 hours prior to the program, the Council will email the primary (and secondary if applicable) faculty advisers with a link to join the program. Faculty advisers are responsible for distributing the link to participating students.
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