CV Key Club Volunteer Request Form
***********************Please be sure to email Key Club a record of volunteers who showed up!!************************
Please submit this form at least 2 weeks before the day of the event. If there are less than 2 weeks until your event, feel free to fill out the form anyway, but we cannot 100% guarantee that we can provide the needed volunteers.

We will notify you through email within 1-3 days after submitting this form with a link to an online volunteer signup sheet, so that you may see who signed up.

If you have a request for recurring events, or if you have any questions or additional information to provide, please email us at Thank you for reaching out to Cumberland Valley Key Club!
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If you are a CV Key Club STUDENT, please provide the name and contact information of the adult supervisor of your organization, and the category to which your extra hour should be logged (internal, external, collections, or meeting).
Name of event *
Location/address *
Date(s) of event *
Time(s) of event (start and end) *
Shifts (If you leave this question blank, then the Key Club president will divide the event into time shifts as she sees fit.)
Brief description of volunteer duties, dress code, etc. *
What are the minimum and maximum # of volunteers needed per shift (or for the entire event?) *
Minimum age of volunteers *
Are you coordinating with NHS volunteers as well? *
Any paperwork required? (If so, please email with a PDF attached and a deadline for turning it in.) *
Any training, special skills, or experience required? (If so, please email with details.) *
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