Spartacus Books Event Booking Request
Spartacus Books is a collectively-run infoshop located on the territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and səl̓ilwətaɁɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) peoples. We were founded in 1973 and are currently located in East Vancouver.

A core resource that we provide to individuals and groups in the city is space to host events, meetings, workshops, and so forth. There is no fixed charge to use our space, although donations are welcome!
So, you want to book a space?
The collective that maintains Spartacus Books is committed to offering the space as a gathering place for community organizations, art collectives, local and visiting writers and artists, as well as hosting local and touring musical groups. In addition, local writers have used the space to promote their latest and greatest published works.
Our constraints and views
We love to share our resources under the principle of mutual aid, but have to abide some constraints of our renting agreement to keep helping other. We expect a respectful attitude towards both the community we are a part of and the space itself. Not respecting our views and constraints might encourage us to decline further request from your group. Persons to hold events or meetings in Spartacus Books are expected to:

1) Respect – This means that we ask that you be respectful of the values that the space upholds and ask the participants to remember that we are not a corporate establishment with an eye on making cash. Our space is designed to be open and welcoming, which means that, for example, anyone who wants to use the bathroom or make a telephone call is entitled to do so without fear of judgment. Please remember that the space and the volunteers respect diversity and we expect the people using the space to value the same. No homophobic, transphobic, heterosexist, sexist, racist, anti-poor, ableist discourse or any other forms of discrimination will be tolerated. No TERFs and no SWERFs.

2) Sound – We ask that you not play really loud music or movies in the space as we are part of a residential neighborhood (with apartments above us). This means that we are OK with amplification in the space provided it is kept to a reasonable level. ALL noisy events MUST end by 10pm.

3) Hours – For the above reasons, we ask that your event be over and that the space be empty of people by the time agreed with the volunteer. It is okay to have quiet meetings until 11PM, but any loud gathering must finish by 10PM. This also lets the volunteer go home for the night, as we all need sleep.

4) Space – Leave it as you found it. Like nature, Spartacus prefers to be pristine. If you spill something, please clean it up. If you use our kettle or cups, please wash and put them away.

5) Alcohol – We don’t have a liquor license, and we don’t have the money to get one. Books also get scared of drinks. Please don’t sell or bring alcohol into the space.

6) Collective member – Each event at Spartacus Books will be attended by a collective member who keeps the space open and volunteers to be there until the gathering ends. This person is responsible for the space and has the final say on what happens in the space while you are hosting. Please speak to them about any questions you have during the event.
What you can expect from us
- We will open and close the space for you.
- We can make change for people in the space.
- We can put a poster up in the space and, time and resources permitting, around town to publicize your event. (This is one-time only and you must send us the poster you've made.)
- We can sell our books to the attendees. (If you are promoting a book you must bring your own copies to sell.)
- We can put your event on The Georgia Strait, social media and our own online calendar. (You must send us 2-3 sentences describing the event, we may edit for clarity.)
- We can post your event to our Facebook and co-host your event (You must make your own Facebook event.)
Who are you and what is the title of your event? *
Name of person or group hosting the event. If it is a group, please include the name of the person we will be contacting about the event as well.
Would you like us to promote your event? *
What is your email address? *
What is your phone number?
This is not mandatory, but if given it will be seen by the event coordinator and shift volunteer(s) and used in case of any last minute shift changes.
What day would you like to book the space? What time? Until what time? *
Please note, we generally require at least 7 days notice for event bookings. If you contact us with less than 7 days notice we will try to respond and accommodate your request but it may not be possible for us to do so. All events must finish by 11pm and loud noise must end at 10PM to respect our upstairs neighbours. Please include here if your event is recurring.
What is your event? *
Please describe the event with two or three sentences. We need this information to decide if we can host the event and to add the details about it to our events calendar.
Have you organized an event at Spartacus before? *
We welcome new groups to use our space. However, for us to ensure that events we host align with our Basis of Unity and Space Agreement we inform all collective members of new groups intending to use the space in case any concerns are raised.
Do you foresee any objections to you hosting this event at Spartacus from within the collective or in the wider community?
If so, please detail them and let us know if/how you would like to mitigate this or what support you would need from us.
Are you charging a cover or selling items? If so, what is the price range?
We encourage you not to turn anyone away for lack of funds to pay for a cover. Also please note you are not allowed to sell alcohol at Spartacus. While there is no charge for using the space, if you are taking donations or charging your attendees, it would be pretty cool to give us a donation. When you are facilitating an event, you are in a better position than us to ask your attendance for donations for our space. Its easy and it helps us helping you in the future.
What equipment will your event require? *
We have a space that can fit about 25 – 30 people comfortably seated in a large circle.
Is there anything else we should know about your event? Do you have any questions for us?
Please let us know if you require the full space for your private use for the event, if your group includes a Spartacus collective member, or anything else relevant.
A final reminder
There is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your event. Our decisions are based on the alignment of your event with our Basis of Unity and Space Agreement, as well as the availability of the space and volunteers.
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