ETHS Trip to Japan: Sushi Lunch sign up. Please read below prior to submitting
Hello!, Thank you for expressing interest in participating in in the ETHS trip to Japan sushi lunch fundraiser. This is a unique experience to both support our February 2020 trip, as well as get a hands-on experience to immerse yourself in Japanese Food. Please read all details below before filling out the form

1) The date of the lunch is set for Saturday, October 12, 2019

2) Naoki is a higher-end sushi restaurant open for dinner Tuesday-Sunday in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, specializing in Japanese food with an American spin on preparation. Please see for additional details.

3) As part of this fundraiser, participants will have the opportunity to meet Chef Naoki inside the kitchen of the restaurant, take a tour, and learn about Japanese food through a hands-on sushi and rice making class. Chef Naoki will speak to specifics of multiple dishes, with many chances to taste ingredients, and sample-as-you-go. Expect the total time of this part of the fundraiser to be around 35 Minutes.

After learning the in's and out's of the kitchen, participants will grab a seat in the dining room for a coursed out lunch courtesy of Chef Naoki and the staff. Expect to be enjoying a variety of chef Naoki's creations, both sushi and otherwise, with a brief description of most dishes from the chef himself as the food is delivered. This is a great opportunity to taste Japanese food and learn about Japanese culture

To wrap up the afternoon, members of the ETHS trip to Japan will be around to answer questions about the upcoming trip, as well as questions about the Japanese language.

The experience will start promptly at noon, and wrap up between 2 and 2:30 pm

As one can imagine, there is a significant cost associated with putting on such an event, as well as taking 20 students on a trip to Japan! As a result, in order for the restaurant to re-coup some associated cost, as well as the entire trip 'pot' to see a significant contribution, the cost of attending the fundraiser will be set at $155/ per person.

We can only bring 24 people along or this fundraiser, so timeliness is important in filling out the form, don't rush it, but to wait too long, as we hope all 24 slots will fill up quickly. After filling out the form below, expect an email with a confirmation of your party, as well as payment information. Spots are secured by final payment, not by this form sign up.

Final loose ends:

Alcohol will not be served, nor will be available for purchase during the event. Water and one optional soft drink will be available.

Due to the nature of the fundraiser, the set price of $155 is final, and cannot be negotiated, we understand that this opportunity carries with it a significant financial contribution, and we ask those not ready to make that commitment to stay tuned to social media for other opportunities to contribute to and participate in the fundraising effort.

Although we will try our best to make the experience worthwhile to all, we cannot guarantee expectations, and although after-the-fact constructive criticism is welcome, full or partial refund should not be expected as a result of any complaint pertaining to the event not living up to expectations. Keep in mind this is a fundraiser, not a provided service.

To repeat, this is not a contract and therefore is NON-BINDING. Spots are secured through final payment, details of which will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of form completion

The cancellation policy will be described in full before final payment is made

We look forward to seeing your name filled out below.


Thank you for reading, and thank you for your interest in the program

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