Non-Billable Services Bank
Ramsey County Children's Mental Health Collaborative (RCCMHC)
RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can submit funding requests on a first come-first served basis throughout the year, as long as funds are available. RCCMHC will award up to $2,000 to support non-billable family engagement and social emotional learning related to children’s mental health.

COVID-19 UPDATE: RCCMHC Partners and Member Agencies can apply for funds to provide non-billable youth mental health services and supports. We hope this will support you to serve families in creative ways while practicing physical distancing. This may include nonbillable telehealth, client phone check-ins and coaching, and mental health services that are not covered in treatment plans etc.
Eligibility and Requirements
This Bank is for "members-only." See how you can become a member here:

Services and supports must align with RCCMHC’s vision/values/goals. All proposals must come from experienced, appropriately credentialed, and fiscally sound organizations with demonstrated infrastructure and expertise. Services must be completed within one-year of the agreement date. Services should apply best practices, be reasonably priced, appropriate for proposed youth or families, and logically relate to objectives with quantifiable performance indicators. Funds must be used to support youth and families. Funds may NOT be used for training staff. All grantees are expected to provide relevant receipts and fill out an online Impact and Outcomes questionnaire about the services and supports that were provided. You can read the policy here:
Multiple funding requests may be submitted by the same RCCMHC partner or member agency; however, preference is given to applicants making their first request for the year.
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Awards must supplement- NOT supplant- available funding. In other words, the RCCMHC award cannot be used for services or supports that would otherwise be paid with federal, state, local or other funds. Please type your name below to indicate that your request does not supplant already-available funding. *
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Please indicate the amount of funding already available. Include any other financial support you have received. Include any requests that are pending for financial support. Any opportunity to document how other funds are leveraged to augment total training costs is always encouraged.
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RCCMHC may deny the request, offer to partially fund a request, or ask for additional information in order to make an informed decision. Award decisions are expected within 4 weeks of submitting a complete application. Applicants will be notified of the decision via email to the contact provided. If an application is not approved, review findings will be provided in writing and eligible applicants may resubmit a revised application at any time
Contact Us
Please contact Wendy Goodman if you have any questions or call the RCCMHC office 651-293-5951
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