Chapter 4 & 5 Communication and Medical Terminology
This quiz is worth 10 points and includes questions from both Chapter 4 & 5.
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1. Patient information which should NOT be included over radio transmission includes the patient’s _____________. *
2. Effective communication is defined as ___________ *
3. The main part of a word that conveys the body system, part, disease or condition being discussed is called the ______ *
4. The prefix “brady-“ before the root word “cardia” means a ________ heart rate. *
5. The root/combining words “mamm” and “mast” are used to describe which part of the body? *
6. Your patient is standing with his arms to his sides and his hands, feet, and head facing forward. He is in which position? *
7. The soles of a patient’s feet are _______to the knees. *
8. When you arrive at the scene, you find a patient lying in bed on her side. She is in which position? *
9. Your diabetic patient is hypoglycemic. This means that her blood sugar is______. *
10. The neck is considered to be _________ to the chest. *
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