Put your resume in front of thousands of potential employers using CATA’s Career Posting Service
CATAAlliance (www.cata.ca) has embraced social media with a passion, and has developed major gateways in Canada and abroad, using resources such as Twitter, RSS feeds, Vimeo, Viadeo, You-Tube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Organizations are highly engaged with us in addressing the many dimensions of enterprise growth and organizational excellence and we are recognized as a trusted source.

How does the CATA Career Posting Service work ? First, it is free. Simply create a posting that includes your resume plus a bit more about you. Just fill out the form that we provide and upload your resume. That’s it.

We mobilize the CATA 4.0 outreach to ensure that your resume is seen by thousands of employers in Canada and abroad, and then in our thank you conformation letter we provide you with a link to an IT Salary Calculator.

For contract workers in the Gig Economy this is also a way to put your credentials in front of potential employers.

For employers this is one more way to hunt for the talent that is so crucial to success at your company. If you have a job, don’t forget to post it on the CATA Talent Finder site. Click here to find out how: http://cata.ca/2018/post-a-job/

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