TEDxTohokuUniversitySalon: Maths in Everything/身近にあふれる数学 [Application Form]
TEDxTohokuUniversitySalon : Maths in Everything / 身近にあふれる数学

Do you think you have nothing to do with Maths?
Do you experience what is referred to as 'Maths trauma'?
Do you want to see Maths from a fun perspective?

If you answer any of the questions above in the affirmative, then the TEDxTU Maths Salon is designed for you!
Join us as we see the usefulness of Maths in our everyday lives, play fun Maths games and develop some Maths thinking. You don't want to miss it!

We encourage everyone who is interested to apply! Please fill out this form to participate.



_ ぜひこのチャンスをお見逃しなく!



Date : 9th November (Sat) / 11月9日(土)
Time : 13:00~16:30
Venue : Global Learning Room, Tohoku University Library, Kawauchi Campus (C01)
    東北大学附属図書館 (川内キャンパス) 2Fグローバル学習室

Schedule and Contents :

13:00~13:30 Registration / 受付
13:30~13:40 Ice Breaker / アイスブレーキング
13:40~13:55 Talk I / トーク①
      Speaker : Mr Atul Srivastava (アトゥル・スリワスタワ)
      Topic : The Eerie Zero (世にも奇妙なゼロ)
13:55~14:25 Workshop I / ワークショップ① -Mathemagic by Alfi-
14:25~14:35 Break / 休憩
14:35~14:50 Talk II / トーク②
       Speaker : Professor Hiromi Seno (瀬野裕美 教授)
       Topic : Mathematical biology: a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary science
14:50~15:20 Workshop II / ワークショップ②
15:20~15:30 Break / 休憩
15:30~15:45 Talk III / トーク③
      Speaker : Mohamed Sabri (モハメッド・サブリ)
      Topic : Is Mathematics the Language of Languages? (数学は言葉を表す言葉なのか?)
15:45~16:15 Workshop III / ワークショップ③
16:15~16:30 Networking&Closing / ネットワーキング・閉会
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