Jeromians Basketball Registration
Fill-in the entries below if you like to join Jeromians Basketball Brotherhood (High School) of Bagabag. For more info. and suggestions, text or call Verjel +63926-1038954
Player Name: (If Spouse of Alumnae, write also your wife's maiden name)
Year of Entry (in HS):
Year Graduated: (If you did not graduate, indicate the year you left SJA)
Telephone No/Celphone/E-mail :
Works in: (Province, Manila or Abroad)
Educational_Attainment: (If not yet graduated, just put Student)
Basketball Jersey Size: (S/M/L)
Which team are you joining?
NOTE: Elimination round may apply to the selection of SJA92 opponent Solid Match.
Your Team Name or All-Star Team Color
For All-Star Team, a steering committee will be the one who will choose for the players to play. Please be considerate if you will not be chosen. We plan this to pursue as annual event.
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