Summer School Enrollment Form 2020
When: May 27 – July 24, 2020

Where: Online, off campus. We will not be meeting at the high school this year due to COVID19.

Requirements: Students can only recover the credit if they earned no lower than a 40% F in the course.

Lathrop High School will host an online credit recovery program in the core areas of English, Math, Social Studies, Science and a few elective courses during the 2020 summer session using the Edgenuity program. This is a program we have been using for a couple of years. This program allows a student to work through a computer module at his or her own pace. The student must complete the prescribed course program for which the student is seeking credit in order to receive credit.

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You will need internet access in order to participate. Do you have access to internet?
If you answered no to the previous question, we could provide you with a hotspot so your child can access the online program. Would you be willing to accept a hotspot from Lathrop R-II School District?
Select which courses you need enrolled in by checking the box. Check all that apply. Mr. Bowers will check the students transcripts to make sure what you check is accurate.
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Additional Information
This google form has been set up so you can edit your responses after you submit the form. Sometimes students don't know if they will fail a course this semester until the last week of school, so feel free to open it back up and make changes. Also, reminder that a student must have at least a 40% F in order to take these courses as credit recovery during the summer. If the "F" is lower than a 40%, the student will have to retake the course next school year. If you have any questions, email or call me.
Thank you,

Robert Bowers
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