Be Woman Stories

Share your story. Stories of life, of growth, of the silent or screaming – the unforgettable moments that mark a point of passage, of initiation, into your evolving Womanhood.

Women are strong. Women are brave. Being woman means being naked, vulnerable and raw. Baring herself means accepting all facets of her life of her being. Every emotion that ever was and ever will be, she felt it, it ran through her veins.

It is her time to share, her time to be seen. She is what is, here and now. She is the infinite expression of the whole universe. How she expresses herself is her choice.
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When you hear the words "sacred feminine" what comes to you?
Share a story of a transformative time in you life.
What is it like to be a mother, sister, daughter? Write about your relationship with your mother, sister, daughter...
What are the challenges of being a woman?
Take the time to sit and be with your heart. Light a candle and go back in time. Do you remember your first intimate experience? Do you remember when you bled the first time?
Any other sexual encounter your would like to reflect on?
Have you ever had food disorders? How do you look at your body?
What are your longings and desires?
Anything else you would like to reflect on and share, feel free to write and let Devi heal every moment that you have experienced. As well as any moment of joy and celebration that you would like to share with your sisters.
Thank you for taking the time dear sister!
If you would like to share your name and where you are from, feel free also if you would like to stay anonymous, that is up to you.
If you would like to share your photo with us, pls do so here.
Please share with us your social media, website if you would like that to be included and we can contact you
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