Carpentries Community Discussion Facilitator Debrief
Greetings, and thank you for facilitating a Community Discussion for The Carpentries. Please complete this form after hosting your community discussion. Questions 1-7 are required, though we'd appreciate your responses for all of the questions. If you have questions, please contact
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7. Who were the attendees of your discussion session? (Please copy and paste the sign-up section from the etherpad - remove anyone who did not attend). *
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The remaining questions are not required, but will significantly improve our understanding of how the community discussions are going. We encourage you to answer as many questions as you can. Thank you!
8. Did you have a co-host/notetaker?
9. If applicable, who was your co-host/notetaker (name and email [if you have it])?
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10. Did you have anyone attend who was not doing checkout, or who was not a pre/post workshop instructor?
11. Please list any discussion participants who you felt might be good candidates to become more engaged with the Carpentries? If possible, please provide a brief description of what made you consider them.
This could be someone you think would be good as a mentor, mentee, committee member, trainer, discussion session host/co-host, etc.
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12. Overall, how do you think your discussion session went?
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13. Were there any noteworthy topics of discussion during your call?
This can include positive feedback, critiques or questions.
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You have reached the end of the form. Here is one last reminder to archive your session notes on the community discussions etherpad and clear them after. Thank you for your time!
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