Full-time Training in London

Application deadline: One week in advance of intended stay
Email: fttl@amanatrust.org.uk
Phone: 01708 380 302
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Please read carefully the portion below before beginning the application.
Cover Letter
Dear Short-term FTTL Applicant,

A. Following this letter is the short-term application. Please pay careful attention to the details below and be thorough in filling in this form:

1. English: The Training is conducted in English only. We will have further fellowship with those who are applying from countries whose primary language is not English. This information is detailed in the application; however, please fellowship if there are any concerns.
2. Consecration Agreement: Within the Short-term FTTL application is a consecration agreement. Please read this agreement prayerfully. Make sure that all the points are clearly understood before signing it.
3. Medical Information: A medical questionnaire is included and must be completed and sent in along with the application and consecration agreement. Please be as accurate as possible with this information, it will be kept confidential.
4. Acceptance Information: Those accepted to the Training will be notified by the FTTL office. Please do not make travel arrangements, quit jobs, or post any information on any social media until you have been officially notified of your acceptance by the office.

B. Payment for Accommodation, Food, and Travel:

1. All trainees reside in the Training accommodation. Short-term Training accommodation and meals cost £26 per day, which is broken down into £18 for bed and breakfast and £4 for lunch and dinner each, per day. For short-term trainees who wish to stay in FTTL for longer than two weeks the prorated full-time monthly cost of £550 applies.
a. Payments by the individual or the sending locality are payable to Amana Trust.
b. Payments may be made by wire transfer, debit card, cash or cheque.
c. Trainees will be issued an invoice for the tuition.
2. Medical insurance is not provided by the Training. Travel insurance is not a prerequisite for applying short-term to the FTTL, but is recommended.

C. Inquiries:

All inquiries concerning these matters should be directed to the Full-time Training Office in London:
Email: fttl@amanatrust.org.uk
Phone number: +44 (0) 1708 380 302
Website: www.fttl.org

All applications should be received no later than one week in advance of your intended stay.

The Full-time Training in London
I have read and understand the requirements for applying to the Full-time Training in London *
Please allow adequate time to complete the entire application. We suggest to give yourself about one hour. Please also make sure you have all the necessary information including personal, health, and Elder's contact information. Unfortunately, failure to complete the application once you have begun will mean you will have to start the process again from the beginning.
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