Tsegyalgar East - Booking

Schoolhouse Accommodation:
1 Private ROOM (2 people), 1 Semi-Private room (4 people), Dormitory 7 Dorm Beds
Khandroling Retreat Cabins: (for retreat only):
Rinpoche's Cabin, Guardian Cabin, Mandarava Cabin, Togyal Cabin

Camping at Khandroling (June-September)
Dark Retreat Cabin:
For information on the Dark Retreat Cabin please call Joe Zurylo at 413-369-6000.
*For Off-season Retreat Cabin prices (November-April depending on weather conditions) - email: Geko@tsegyaglar.org

** ALL Accommodation are available ONLY for current IDC 2018 Members.
To renew your membership or become a member go to: http://dzogchen.net

** All Accommodation are Maximum stay thirty (30) days.
For any longer stay please email: gakyil@tsegyalgar.org

To view the Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse & Khandroling Retreat Accommodations go to: http://tsegyalgar.org/accommodations/schoolhouse-khandroling/

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RESIDING: All accommodations are limited to 30 days maximum - only exceptions will be permitted please write gakyil@tsegyalgar.org

To assure Retreat Cabin availability ahead of time - PLEASE RSVP
Once space is confirmed 50% is due at the booking and the full payment 100 % the latest, one week prior arrival

Tsegyalgar Khandroling, Buckland Massachusetts - United State in America
Contact: gakyil@tsegyalgar.org / geko@tsegyalgar.org

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