Legal Media Professional Diversity Fellowship (Virtual) - Dec. 18th Deadline!!!
This initiative is designed to increase the number of minorities working in journalism, diversity and public relations positions in the legal industry. Through a semester-long virtual training program, the Lawyers of Color Foundation prepares minority students for media and public relations careers in the legal industry. Candidates, who are interested in using their social media training to pursue careers in other fields, are also welcome to participate. Candidates who show exceptional maturity and expertise will be invited to serve as project supervisors. The Lawyers of Color Foundation is funded by, which produces publications, runs social media platforms, and provides content for the following websites: (Official launch in January 2014)

Our organization seeks to promote diversity through research and programs that assist Black, Latina/o, Asian American, and Native American law students and legal professionals. We also promote and support the diversity efforts of other private and public sector legal organizations.

Upon satisfactory completion, a training certificate will be awarded. We will assist successful participants with securing paid internships and entry-level media, diversity and public relations positions in law firms, media companies, law schools, corporate legal departments, court systems, government legal agencies, civil rights organizations, and justice projects.


Participants will complete the following four training modules:
Research, Statistics, & Contact Gathering
Original Reporting, Blogging & Social Media
Promotion & Marketing
Event Planning
Participants will:
Produce articles, photos, and multimedia digital content for web platforms  
Gain understanding of social technologies & elements of successful social content
Develop creative tactics, including widgets and contests, to engage supporters on priority issues.
Be jack-of-all trades, able to read, write, research, and engage dialogue on social media platforms
Engage audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Wordpress, and other social media
Create/implement monthly promotions and contests to grow friends and followers.
Set up periodic giving campaigns using tools like Facebook Causes.
Plan and oversee two pre-law events, one at a local high school and one at your college.
Review and evaluate existing social media platforms & find ways to improve them
Attend and live tweet one local legal event each semester
Establish a media list for local and national bloggers
Learn project and task management processes
Be creative, innovative, bold, fun, flexible, & a good fit for our like-minded culture


Hours required:
This is a virtual training program. All of your assignments will be done online. Most of your weekly, required hours can be scheduled at your convenience; however, you will have to commit to a regularly-scheduled 30-minute weekly video or phone conference.
December 20th - January 20th : 10-hour per week commitment (40-hour total)
Remaining school year:      5-hours per week commitment

Duration - Spring Semester 2014

Pay: Unpaid

Over Winter Break (Dec. 20th - Jan. 20th), participants will be required to commit to 40-hours to training and research. Participants will have complete flexibility with how and when they complete the training and research; however it must be completed in the first two weeks in order to move on in the program.

Application Deadline:
This program is open to students of all skill levels; however, space in the program is limited, so applicants will be accepted to the program in the order in which their applications are received. Participants who do not complete the initial Winter Break training modules and tasks will be terminated. Interested candidates must complete and submit the following information sheet by Wednesday, December 18th:
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College with (prospective) graduate
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Law or Graduate School with (prospective) graduate
Example: Georgetown University Law Center '14
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City/State in which you reside during school year *
Create and list below a gmail address using this criterion: *
We will use Google Groups to conference calls and communication, so we would like you to have uniform email addresses. Example: Yolanda Young's uniform gmail address is
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List up to three past jobs. Provide up to 15-word description of duties for each. *
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HIGH PROFICIENCY SKILLS - Below, check the boxes of the skills/features in which you use the items a lot and feel you know how to use them. *
(You will not be penalized for not being very familiar with any of them. We just want to know how much training you'll need on a particular skill.)
BASIC UNDERSTANDING SKILLS - Check the boxes of the skills/features in which you have a BASIC UNDERSTANDING. *
(You will not be penalized for not being very familiar with any of them. We just want to know how much training you'll need on a particular skill.)
LITTLE TO NO KNOWLEDGE - Check the boxes of the skills/features in which you have LITTLE TO NO KNOWLEDGE. *
(You will not be penalized for not being very familiar with any of them. We just want to know how much training you'll need on a particular skill.)
MANDATORY: Can you complete the 60-hour training phase of the program between Monday, September 2 and Sunday, September 15th? *
Note: You can complete the 60-hour phase as quickly as you'd like; however, you must complete it within this time period.
MANDATORY: You will be required to participate in a weekly 30-minute conference call. Please list the three (3) best times of day for you. *
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