registration- 2020/21 (fallow term)
Rainbow Chorus fallow term-
We will not be moving ahead with any formal in-person program this year (fall 2020-spring 2021) and will take this term as ‘fallow’ time in terms of rehearsal, sectionals, performance prep or gathering indoors. The planned program that we had will be put on hold for a time when we can regather as a full choir. Like fallow fields where a crop doesn’t get planted for a season, a fallow time is a chance to lay low, not produce but to regenerate the energy for a time of growth and fruitfulness ahead. Fallow time doesn’t mean inert or dormant. It is a nurturing and re-balancing time.

We will still connect, gather, develop music skills and more through an adapted program of Meet Ups which will include:
• A couple of outdoor gatherings in the garden at Harcourt, while we have good weather, for fun evenings of singing music on a theme, with piano accompaniment and musical direction. Music provided on the night (or by digital delivery beforehand if preferred) and collected at the end (at a distance, with masks).
• Outdoor afternoon social events on a weekend (walks, etc.)
• Online music theory, ear training and rhythm-reading classes to work on musical skills
• Zoom social gatherings (trivia night, platonic speed-dating, and other fun ways to stay connected and get to know each other better).

The aim is to have one outdoor and one virtual meet-up gathering each month.
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