Call for action: "Don't lose the SDGs through weak monitoring!"
As we are about to fulfil the SDGs goals, we need to monitor and review how states implement them so as to learn from experience, encourage progress, and better steer the global effort. While useful, the SG’s Report (“Critical Milestones toward Coherent, Efficient and Inclusive Follow-Up and Review at the Global Level”) does not go far enough. We urge remedial action concerning monitoring. The Report - :

(1) Omits state-led monitoring based on inclusive, transparent and participatory based- monitoring altogether;
(2) Fails to provide assistance and funds to fragile and Least Developed States earmarked for monitoring;
(3) Fails to involve NGO’s and private sector partners who could assist in the monitoring process;
(4) Delays the review or SDG 16 and SDG 17, which are integral parts of the overall SDG goal.

We detail our concerns in the a discussion paper available at:

We should proceed speedily with the best possible framework, aiming for equity and sustainability. We ask the Representatives of United Nations (UN) Member States, Members of the UN Major Groups, UN colleagues, academics and concerned Citizens representing civil society and the private sector partners to take remedial action at once.


Raymond Saner, Lichia Yiu and Beris Gwynne
Geneva, 27th March 2016

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