Garlic King/Queen Application
The Sons of Italy's 2nd Annual Garlic Fest is looking for students to help promote our festival. Applicants will be asked to help us promote a positive image of Italian Americans and our love of all things garlic. Applicants will be notified by May 25th if they make the Garlic Court. From June 1st- July 14th the court will be asked to help us promote GarlicFest via social media and other grass roots methods. Judges will select a winner (King or Queen) based on the promotions and winner will receive a $1000 educational scholarship. All applicants must be available to attend the Festvial July 15-17th. Applicants can be as young as 16 and no older than 24. If you are under 18, your must have a parent or legal guardian sign a permission slip, if you are chosen as a part of the court. Questions? Contact
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