"Progress with Unity"
Young Ealing Foundation - Annual Membership Survey
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We are in the process of mapping out the existing provision in Ealing, could you please answer the following questions to assist us in our research:
Do you provide a calendar of events or training that you would like us to promote? If 'Yes' please provide a link to these courses.
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Do you have a venue you would like to promote on a new Venue Bank feature in our website? If 'Yes' please provide the name and address of your venue.
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Name of Organisation
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Please state the approx. number of young people you have helped/worked with over the past year (Sept 2018 - August 2019)
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Please state the amount of income you have generated within the past year (Sept 2018 - August 2019)
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Do you have a Youth Voice Forum or Panel?
Please answer the following questions in regard to the management of your organisation:
Is your organisation BAME - led
Is your organisation Disabled - led?
Is your organisation Female - led?
Is your organisation LGBT - led?
We are in the process of developing a coherent impact measurement tool. To help us with our research, can you please tick which of the following outcomes from MOPAC's Youth Outcomes Framework you measure your impact against? (you can select your top 3 priority outcomes).
1. How has the Young Ealing Foundation helped you in the last year?
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2. Which Young Ealing Foundation service has been the most valuable to your organisation (please select 1).
Any comments/examples to support the above statement:
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3. We aim to become an integral part of the local community. How much do you agree with these statements?
We have provided high quality bespoke support
We have enabled you to develop partnerships and networks
We understand local need and priorities
We are the first point of contact for anyone wishing to support children and young people in Ealing
4. We aim to serve our members by building their capacity.
Within our support programme we are in the process of developing a calendar of training courses and events. Please select your organisation's top 3 training needs.
Any other suggestions for training courses and events?
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Within our capacity building service, we would like to support your volunteering needs. Please answer the next set of questions, outlining any volunteering needs you have and we will do our best to fulfil these.
What volunteer roles are vacant?
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What tasks would volunteers undertake?
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What experience and skills are you looking for from a volunteer?
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How many volunteers are you looking for?
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How many hours per week would you like per volunteer?
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5. We aim to increase and improve the cohesion and partnership working amongst our members. How much do you agree with the following statements:
The YEF has provided adequate access to networking and themed meetings i.e Young Londoners Fund/Satellite Club Funding networks
The YEF has increased the awareness of existing services
6. We aim to improve the funding outlook for members, moving them from surviving to thriving. How much do you agree with the following statements:
We have supported you and your funding outlook?
We have been helpful in signposting you to any relevant grants/fundraising opportunities?
If you have been in receipt of any of the small grants we've administered, we have helped your organisation to provide more opportunities for young people?
7. How well are we delivering services in line with our values?
Supportive: We provide support by listening to the needs of the young people and the sector and try to say "yes" as much as possible
Honest: We are open in our communications and work and are transparent in our approach
Collaborative: We work with parteners to ensure we utilise all the available resources as well as is possible and not to compete with local services
Empowering: We provide advocacy for the sector to support them to have their voice heard and work with organisations to ensure their sustainability in delivering vital services to children and young people
If you have scored us as "meh", "not great" or "terrible" please let us know how we can improve
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