MSI Starter Evaluation
Evaluators: discuss the evaluation with the apprentice as usual, but also enter the apprentice's e-mail address below (even though it says "Your Email"). The apprentice will then receive a copy of his/her evaluation when you submit.
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Evaluated Official
Last Name *
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Level of Evaluation *
Knowledge of current rules and procedures
Knows and understands the rules and procedures for Starting. *
Position of Starter and Deck Referee on the deck. (Backstroke and Forward starts) *
Familiarity with the starting equipment; checks it routinely before the meet begins. *
Understands the basic words used by the Starter and when to use them. *
Calm, conversational tone of voice. *
Allows time for swimmers to achieve a stationary position without delaying the start. *
Has developed patience for finding the right instant for a fair start. *
Achieves a fair start for all swimmers. *
Effective use of the “stand please” option. *
Able to judge false starts. *
Understands the differences between “a start,” “stationary” and “non-disqualifiable motion.” *
Communicates effectively with the Deck Referee on potential false starts. *
Can take the order of finish. *
Willing to accept and consider constructive criticism to improve. *
Practices frequently. *
Awareness for potential problems at the start, such as sudden noises, extraneous music, camera flashes, etc. *
Meet Operations
Deck presence (Poise and Positioning) *
Interaction with Deck Referee – teamwork. *
Proactive management – ability to anticipate problems and to take appropriate advance action. *
Implementation of Meet Referee directives. *
Interaction with, and respect for, all meet participants; management, coaches, swimmers, officials, parents, spectators, guests.
Diplomacy *
Ability to keep a calm demeanor during stress or crisis. *
Ability to communicate in a clear and precise manner. *
Maintains a positive attitude. *
Leadership and team player qualities. *
Trainer for apprentice starter(s). (N2/N3 Only) *
Overall Recommendation *
Notes *
Evaluator Section
Name of Referee Evaluator *
Referee Evaluator Eligibility *
DO NOT submit an evaluation if you don't meet eligibility criteria for the level of evaluation below. Check you certification dates in OTS if unsure.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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