METCO HQ 2018-19 Services Survey
We’d like to hear your thoughts on the services that HQ has provided over the past year and areas that you'd like us to focus on in the future. We expect this survey should take no more than 3-5 mins. Thank you for your time in helping HQ to improve its services!
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Scholarships for youth programs (Island School, Southern NH University, Nexus at MIT, YMCA Summer Camp, BU School of Journalism)
Academic Support (METCO Summer school, Tutoring)
College readiness (Sponsored by Chyten/Livius)
Social work support for individuals/families
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - PD's and student support
Arts performance events (METCO Presents, Mr. Joy)
Communications ((Milly's Monday Message, Diversity newsletter, printed materials, online materials.)
Do you have any additional comments about the above offerings?
Looking ahead, what would you like HQ to focus on?
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