FaucetGameScript - Update
First of all thank you for using FaucetGameScript. If your are not yet using, hope to be our partner soon.
We are planing to update the script and make it more professional with more features than any faucet on the market.
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New site rewards system
We will like to update the FaucetGameScript with new rewards system .
You you have to choose between tokens (some intern currency) or balance for every coin.
What are tokens ?
Tokens are an intern currency , with value of 10,000 tokens to 1 usd .
On withdraw, user will have the option to select the coin he want to receive .
Is a smart way to run the site because rewards will be based on a fixed usd amount.

Benefits of using tokens :
-more payments gateways ( => more users )
-easy to add new coins
-easy to remove coins
-convert from usd to any coin
-much more flexible
-easy to update
-faster site , less database usage
-easy to make giveaways
-easy to run lottery
-easy to add new games
-easy to add new addons

Benefits of using balance for every coin :

Please vote for new rewards system . We will choose the one with the most votes
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Our partners are very important, so we try to keep in mind all the suggestions! If you have any idea/suggestion or any thought, you are free to share with us!
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