2018 Red Shirt Application - Peoria Diamond Club
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The Peoria Diamond Club provides volunteer operational services at the Peoria Sports Complex for the City of Peoria, San Diego Padres, and the Seattle Mariners. Our mission is to raise funds for northwest valley youth charities and organizations through extensive volunteer efforts. We are dedicated to supporting the many wonderful community programs that educate and enrich our children's lives while enhancing their futures.
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Mariners @ Padres
White Sox @ Mariners
Dodgers @ Mariners
Angels @ Padres
Padres @ Mariners
Dodgers @ Padres
Royals @ Mariners
Royals @ Padres
*Angels @ Mariners*
A's @ Padres
*D'backs @ Padres*
*Rockies @ Mariners*
*A's @ Mariners*
*Giants @ Mariners*
White Sox @ Padres
Indians @ Padres
Reds @ Mariners
*White Sox @ Mariners*
Cubs @ Padres
*Giants @ Mariners*
*Giants @ Padres*
Royals @ Padres
Angels @ Mariners
Indians @ Mariners
*Reds @ Padres*
*Brewers @ Mariners*
*Rangers @ Mariners*
*Rangers @ Padres*
*Cubs @ Mariners*
Mariners @ Padres
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