Online EFT Group with Becca

Thank you for your interest in working joining Becca for  online EFT group supervision.

If you're ready to dig in, or you want a regular EFT boost at a reasonable cost with an excellent supervisor, someone who Sue Johnson calls a "master EFT therapist and trainer"  this could be the group for you.

Here's what a few participants have emailed recently to Becca:    

          "Just had to tell you that I had a session with the couple we consulted about yesterday and I certainly was a different  
           person in the session. Felt so much better and productive. Thanks for your feedback and support!"

          "Becca, just before my client gets here I just wanted to say thank you thank you, thank you I feel like I learned such a
           great thing today. I can't wait to watch the video of this supervision session again so I can write more things down.  
           Thanks again for sharing my tape really appreciate it."

          "Here's gratefulness to you for all your clarity and modeling of EFT which helps me identify that I want to get better  
           at really hitting the nail on the head in getting what couples are saying."

          "Just wanted to send you a little gratitude for ALL you do for the EFT and therapist community. I feel grateful to be a
           part of this supervision group and to be the recipient of your efforts. Being in private practice can be isolating but
           having this supervision has felt supportive and less isolating. It makes a huge difference in my life."

Becca has a couple different groups that meets twice a month for 2 hours each session and are limited to 12 tape showing participants. Ideally two cases will be reviewed at every meeting, so you can show video fairly often. When it's your turn you will show a 20-30 minute clip and do a brief verbal overview of the case write up you sent earlier to the group. Your questions will be answered and Becca will help you keep on target with skill building so you can help your couples in the best possible way.  

And, you can count up to four hours of group supervision towards EFT Certification, so when you show tape "it counts."

Following each supervision session a recording will be sent to you. This means you can easily review the material and that If you can't make it to any session you can watch the recording and still get EFT input to keep you fresh and learning the model. There is a 4 month minimum commitment, but no maximum - the group will be ongoing (as long as there's enough participants) and you're welcome to stay as long as it is useful to you.

To join just fill in this form. After you complete the form we will email you the rest of the instructions and see which group will be the best fit for you.  

The cost is $150 a month for 4 hours of supervision a month. Think of it, $37.50 an hour for some extraordinary supervision.
Watch to learn more about online group supervision.
I hope you'll join me.
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Group supervision provides an accelerated and economical learning opportunity and brings you out of learning in isolation into a supportive, safe, team experience with other EFTers. Groups may have members spanning continents. We hope you will develop long lasting collegial relationships in a global environment.
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