Summer 2019 CyclePottery Camp Sessions
Beginner to Intermediate Wheel Throwing Pottery Camp plus handbuilding for ages 9+ with one session for ages 6-9, and one for ages 11+, all with camps hosting 6 students Max. Camps are taught by Kathryn Kothe, owner of the studio and professional stoneware potter, teaching her 7th summer, as well as professional potter Liz Fieldsteel and sculptor and CyclePottery instructor & sculptor Jocelyn Gozdowski.

Daily & Weekly Camp Schedule: 9am-3pm
5 Day Camp: Monday and Tuesday will focus on wheel throwing, while Wednesday and Thursday campers will have handbuilding projects, learning different altering and decorating techniques, and may still finish work on the wheel. Thursday morning students will learn/help load into the kiln any greenware ready for the bisque fire. Friday we will unload the bisque fire, wash, wax and glaze their pots for the final glaze fire.

3 Day Camps will focus on Wheel Throwing in the mornings with hand building in the afternoons, finishing their pieces on the 3rd day, by trimming and decorating their pots. Instructors will bisque fire, glaze and glaze fire their pieces after camp ends.

Campers bring a snack, lunch and water bottle. With the permission of all parents during a camp session, we may walk to town (Cooper's, Evolution, Outdoor ice creamery) for a small ice cream, morning snack, or lunch, or a grassy area for a picnic lunch. CyclePottery will treat campers to a small ice cream or popsicle the first day, but after that campers are asked to bring $2 for their treat. We do not allow money to be spent on candy, nor anything larger than a small serving of a sweet treat.

Tuition includes instructors finishing any trimming, bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing student work after camp ends. Students will be encouraged to pick their best pieces to be finished approximately 3 weeks after camp ends. Parents may check in after 3 weeks and pick up during the weekend open studio hours or at an arranged time. All finished work must be picked up by September 15th. The studio cannot store pieces long-term.

There are many steps in the production cycle of making a finished piece of pottery. Parents and student must be aware that there are many factors that could affect the finished pot in undesirable ways. Human error is one such factor, while technical and chemical reactions are others. Please keep in mind that we take the utmost pride and respect of each piece made by each student and handle them with great care. We also reserve the right to not fire any pieces that we feel may risk exploding in the kiln and ruining other pots.

All students must be able to work independently for a length of time as needed for instructors to give attention to other students. While clay is an amazing medium for sensory exploration, the needs of the other campers and the respect for the purpose of the camp to learn pottery making skills must be taken into consideration when choosing if this camp is right for your child. Also, this is a working studio where there are potters working on their own pieces, and while there is an opportunity to learn from them we need to respect their working environment as well. That said, I love to see kids blossom and find expression through clay!

Please see the website for full details of cancellation policies
Full refund of deposit if cancellation is made within 2 weeks of camp or due to low enrollment.

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