2° Idalina Capoeira - Registration
“Idalina Capoeira is an international event dedicated to the women in capoeira, giving them the opportunity to enjoy capoeira together in an open atmosphere.”

In 2009 there was Mulher Na Roda. 3 years later, we created the 1° Idalina Capoeira. And now, more than 4 years later, we are hosting the 2° Idalina Capoeira!

Idalina Capoeira is a unique women-only event for capoeirista's around the world. While men are invited to the opening roda on Friday and the group activities (party, dinner) during the weekend, the workshops on Saturday and Sunday are exclusively for and by female capoeirista's.
We offer 2 whole days of fun and challenging workshops given by renowned international teachers.

Want to know more? Visit this link for all the details:
- http://idalina.capoeira.be

Complete this form to register yourself for the second edition of Idalina Capoeira. If you have any questions, please contact us via web@capoeira.be.

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