Submit once for each Urgent Action!
For example, if you took action on three separate Urgent Actions (eg. Urgent Action 214.17; Urgent Action 189.16; Urgent Action 27.15) please submit this form three times.
1. Urgent Action Number
Example: "234.16". This number may be found in the email subject line, within the #2 section of the email (example below) or at the top of the Urgent Action document itself.
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Example of Urgent Action Number:
2. Name:
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3. Email address:
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4. AIUSA Group (if applicable):
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5. How many LETTERS did you write? (If none, skip)
6. How many EMAILS did you send? (If none, skip)
7. How many FAXES did you send? (If none, skip)
8. How many PHONE CALLS did you make? (If none, skip)
9. How many TWEETS did you post? (If none, skip)
10. If your action does not appear above, please list the kind(s) and quantity of action(s) taken.
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11. If you experienced an issue with an action, please let us know.
For example, "The Ambassador's email bounced back". Please log your action(s) above regardless of errors.
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