TEC 140 Team Application - June 2021
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Being on team for a TEC weekend is a big commitment. Oftentimes, applicants are turned away because we have so many applicants and want to give others an opportunity to be on team. Please know that the Focus meeting (Saturday, May, 8 2021) and Potluck meeting (Saturday, June 19, 2021) are mandatory for anyone who is working on team for the first time or who is in leadership. However, EVERYONE is expected to attend these meetings, unless there are extreme circumstances preventing you from doing so. Attendance at all other team meetings is expected as well. Anyone who does not fulfill the meeting requirements risks being removed from team. The cost for working a TEC weekend is $120. Archdiocesan safe environment standards must be met, as applicable. Please type "I understand" to acknowledge that you read this statement. *
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Any special health, physical or dietary needs you may require during the weekend? (Please note - if you have strict dietary needs, you may be asked to bring your own food as our meals are provided by volunteers with limited capabilities.)
Are you interested in or open to a leadership position? (ALD, ASD, CTD, CTSD, WTD, WTSD). *
If you answered yes or maybe to the previous question, please tell us which positions you are open to. If not, please skip this question.
If you answered the previous question, please tell us which leadership positions you have held in the past. If not, please skip this question.
If you are interested in leadership, please tell us what qualities you have that make you a good leader. Please also tell us about any leadership experience you have with TEC and/or with other ministries/organizations. If you are not applying for leadership, please skip this question.
Why do you want to work this TEC weekend? What qualities do you have that would make you a good team member? Do you have experience leading retreats or youth ministry (TEC or otherwise)? *
Do you play a musical instrument, sing, or have any other special talents or gifts we should know about?
What activities do you participate in at school, in your community, etc? What are your hobbies/interests? *
List the TEC numbers of each team you applied for but were not selected to work.
List the TEC number(s) of each team you have previously served (please specify - RT, CT, WT). Please also list any meditations (talks) that you have given.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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