LHS Needs Assessment (12) 2018-2019
This survey is given to you from the Counseling Department. We want to give you a chance to tell us what sort of issues and counseling services are most important to you. All your answers are confidential with the exception of the following: you want to hurt yourself, someone is hurting you, you want to hurt someone else, or you know someone else who is being hurt.
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I know how to access my counselor at LHS if I need to see him/her.
I know how to get academic help if I need it (ex: tutoring, etc).
I have at least one peer that I can talk to about my problems.
I have at least one adult I can talk to about my problems.
If you had a problem and needed to talk to someone at school, who would you go to?
After high school I am planning to...
Do you need any of the following?
Check as many as apply. Your school counselor may meet with you to help respond to these needs.
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