MAC Pre-Registration for 2020-2021 Tryouts
Tryout dates and times will be announced once available.
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Athlete's DATE of BIRTH *
Parent / Guardian FULL NAME *
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Does your child have any medical issues that are relevant to playing volleyball? (Enter NO or YES with an explanation) *
I hereby consent to having my child participate in the Mountain Athletic Club tryouts. I understand that there are risks involved in such participation and that it is the responsibility of each participant to engage in only those activities for which he is comfortable. I certify that my child is physically and medically fit and able to participate in these activities and I authorize MAC Staff to administer emergency medical treatment if required. *
I acknowledge that the World Health Organization has classified the Coronavirus Disease (“COVID-19”) outbreak as a global pandemic and am aware of the risks of COVID-19. I specifically acknowledge and agree that I am aware of the risks to personal health, including by the failure to follow physical distancing protocols, flowing from COVID-19, and that I am assuming, on my own behalf and, if signing on behalf of a participant under 18 years, on their behalf, all health risks and adverse health related consequences caused by or arising from engaging in any Activities pertaining to tryouts. *
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