Teen Talk is a non-profit program that encourages teens to use their voice, work as a team, respect others opinions and teaches teens broadcasting skills. All Teen Talkers are volunteers. Please answer all the following questions. Please visit Teentalkvegas,com for complete Application Information.
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Teen Talk is a weekly show that your presence is needed every Saturday on a ZOOM video call from 11am to 3pm for LIVE SHOWS and TEAM Meetings. Your participation is needed throughout the week to help produce shows via emails, google docs, GroupMe App and cell phone. Are you available on Saturdays between 11a and 3pm? *
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References: Please submit a letter of recommendation to teentalkvegas@gmail.com. The letter must be from a Parent or Guardian and should state why you should be selected to be a part of teen talk. REFERENCES WILL BE CHECKED, SO PLEASE PROVIDE ACCURATE CONTACT INFORMATION.
Email your letter to @teentalkvegas@gmail.com or copy and paste this link to email to your parent or guardian:
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Parent/ Guardian Info is required for those under 18 years of age.
Not completing this information will cause your application to be incomplete and will not be considered for participation.
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Once your completed interest form is received, wait to be notified to appear for a live audition/interview/observance via ZOOM video call. For additional questions email teentalkvegas@gmail.com. Submit your completed interest forms and letters of recommendations to teentalkvegas@gmail.com. Auditions/interviews are ongoing. What is today's date? *
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