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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Undergraduate Association. Individual committees will review candidates' applications and reach out with next steps in the process, which may include an interview. If you have any questions or comments, please email
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Committee Descriptions
Alumni Affairs: A committee that builds relationships between the Undergraduate Association and alumni and explores opportunities to expand relationships between the undergraduate body and alumni.

Campus Planning: A committee that works on creating a plan for the future of MIT including negotiating dining contracts and looking at creating and enhancing community spaces on campus.

Community and Diversity: A committee that works on creating an equitable and welcoming campus for all undergraduates.

Community Service: A committee that explores ways to involve undergraduates in their community through service and building relationships with local groups.

Education: A committee that works on education and research policy, edX, curriculum and grading.

Events: A committee that organizes a variety of events for the undergraduate community including SpringFest, FallFest, and Tech Twinkles.

Financial Board: A committee that allocates and distributes money amongst student groups.

Innovation: A committee that works on increasing the infrastructure necessary and promoting the atmosphere required for undergraduate innovation.

Involvement: A committee that explores ways to involve students in the UA, bring their ideas and opinions into the policy creation process, and develop community within the UA through planning events.

Marketing: A committee that advertises what the Undergraduate Association does and interfaces with undergraduates.

Public Affairs: A committee that establishes and maintains a relationship between the Undergraduate Association and local, state and federal government, as well as businesses, and advocates for undergraduate interests.

Student-Admin Collaboration: A committee that explores ways to improve student-administrator collaboration and advocate for students to administrations.

Special Projects: A committee that works on various projects that come up throughout the school year, such as Boston shuttles.

Student Support and Wellness: A committee that advocates for and explores ways to improve student support and wellness mechanisms on campus (includes mental health, sexual assault and wellness).

Sustainability: A committee that works to improve sustainability on campus through a variety of projects.

Technology: A committee that develops the technology necessary for the Undergraduate Association to function, and explores new technological innovations to enhance student life.

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