Best Practices in Distance Learning
The California Department of Education wants to hear from teachers about their successes in distance learning during the last school year. As we support educators in their next phase of virtual instruction, we are tapping the expertise of our practitioners and looking for strategies we can highlight across the state! We know that last spring all of our educators pivoted quickly to teaching remotely and implemented successful innovations. Please share your experiences with us in this short survey. CDE may include what you've shared in its next guidance document for school districts. Your name, district, and contact information are not required, but please include if you'd be interested in CDE reaching out to you for follow-up. We do ask you to please share your grade level.
Please provide your email address to CDE for follow-up purposes (not required).
Grade Level *
What was your most successful lesson during distance learning? Why was it successful?
What worked well in your daily structure for students?
How did you engage your students on a daily basis?
What structure did you use for student check-ins outside of "class time"?
How did you structure asynchronous learning?
How did you structure synchronous learning?
What other areas of success did you find during distance learning?
What was your biggest learning? Or the one thing you would do differently?
Was there a resource you found particularly helpful?
Given the challenges that parents expressed helping their students at home are there things you would recommend to support students and families?
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